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Virtual Offices

A virtual office is a combination of off-site live communication and address services that allow users to reduce the costs of traditional office space, while maintaining business professionalism.

  1. Telephone answering
    1. Highly skilled and trained receptionists to answer on behalf of the company in English and/or Spanish language.
    2. Calls are answered and then details of the caller are made available to you by email.
    3. Option of dedicated phone line.
    4. Lines have personalized voice mailbox during off hours.
  2. Mailing and business address
    1. Used to accept mails and parcels
    2. Registered business address
  3. Mail forwarding/mail handling
    1. Portrays a professional image
    2. Reduces costs of the company
    3. Establish your company in other countries
  4. Reception courtesies
    1. Receptionists at the business address can receive and sign for incoming and outgoing mail.
  5. Business meeting space
    1. The on-demand use of conference rooms and offices for meetings

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